Travel Plans in 2017

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I hope you were able to gain some useful information from reading about the areas I visited in Costa Rica this past year. I am new to traveling internationally, but I am very interested in experiencing new places. This year Reed and I already have a vacation booked and are diligently planning. This is a large undertaking for us because we are not using a travel agency or any set tour group.

We are headed to Europe! I know that’s a vague statement, but this is my first trip to the continent and I’m excited. Here’s a map of our travel plans, which focus mainly on Italy and also include stays in Germany and France. Reed and I will be traveling for a total of 18 days which is much longer than any trip I’ve been on recently. The blue markers are where we will be staying and the pink markers highlight areas that we plan to visit.

If you are wondering what it costs to go on a vacation like this, please continue to follow the blog. My husband Reed carefully coordinated our travel rewards and will cover all the details of our expenses in an upcoming post. We try to be economical with our planning and will record and share the total costs for all aspects of the trip.

I am currently employed full time and was very nervous to request time off. I was able to roll over some vacation days from the previous year and apply my personal days to cover the entire time spent away from my desk. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to travel and know that this may be my only chance to take a long vacation with my husband.

This trip begins in late February. It is still considered winter in the places I am visiting and I’m eager to go somewhere where I will need a jacket! As I write this from my home in Houston in January It’s still a little too warm to comfortably wear jeans. I’ve been searching for outfit ideas but have not found anything valuable other than advice to pack layers.

Please continue to follow the blog if you would like some detailed information on how our trip goes. I will share our successes and failures and anything we could have done differently to make traveling easier. I’ve been actively googling so many different questions and so far have found Trip Advisor forums to contain some decent answers.

I feel like I should include a picture of us, so here’s an old one from us hiking in Colorado. Back when this was taken we weren’t married, but I already had hopes of us going on cool trips together. I’m very glad we can continue to see the world and can’t wait for our next adventure.

Reed and I near Bar N I Ranch Colorado