Moving in the Right Direction

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Although I showcase all my travels and fun things I get to do with my husband, life is not always roses.

Around the time of 2015-2016, the downturn in the oil and gas industry was affecting the company that my husband worked for. We were constantly hearing about similar companies having major layoffs and were nervously wondering how long my husband, Reed, could hold onto his job. I’m thankful that Reed was able to stay employed until August of 2016. He was one of the very last employees in his office before his company completely shut its doors in Houston.

Reed had been looking for other jobs in the oil and gas industry long before he became unemployed, but nothing seemed to pan out. As a couple, we had so many questions about what we should do and if we should move out of Houston. Reed continued to apply to jobs and also began studying software engineering in the hopes of making a career change. I continued to work at my job while Reed worked Pest Control to make ends meet.

I’m so thankful to say that after 9 months of unemployment my husband has started a new career that he’s so excited about! He’s now working as a software engineer at a technology company. The company is located in Houston so we don’t have to move! It’s been a long road for both of us and we are ecstatic to be starting a new chapter in our lives. We constantly prayed to God for guidance and answers. There were many instances where I felt lost in that I felt helpless to fix our problems. I want more than anything for my husband and me to have rewarding careers and to see my husband struggle led us both into a state of depression and worry.

Through our issues, we learned how to cut expenses and carefully manage money. I had been saving up since I was a teenager to one day see Europe. Even with all of our financial uncertainty, Reed assured me that the money I had saved would go to our trip. He found ways to get us travel rewards to make my dreams a reality.

I am a Christian, but I am also guilty of questioning if our lives really are a part of a greater plan and if there’s a path we are supposed to follow. Every time I have doubts, I am shown that there’s no reason for my worrying and in fact, there’s more going on in the universe than I can imagine. The most important thing I can do is focus on being a kind and caring person to those around me and continue to seek God’s guidance. It seems that my when I have problems they become solved in a way that’s almost poetic. Over the past couple years, I have learned the importance of patience and humility. There’s too much that has worked out for me to have doubts.

We also just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! We have so much to be thankful for.

Walking out from underneath a dark bridge… Yea, that’s how I feel about life right now.