Big Changes in 2016

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Sneak peek of what I will be posting about next! 

In my “Close of 2015” post, I complained about my job. I felt silly… doesn’t everyone complain about their job? I’m being a baby. I feel self-centered discussing my dislike for my work situation, but conditions were very bad.  I’m surprised that things have changed so quickly, but now towards the end of January I am entering my second week at my new job! 

I was searching a career website, and found a listing very close to my house looking for a purchaser and inventory control associate. I wasn’t sure if my skill set would be what they were looking for, but I decided to apply anyways… you never know, right? 

The company is a tiny (30 people) engineering company that does extensive research in electrical and mechanical engineering. They create software and sensors for drilling. I wish I could explain more, but I really know nothing about the research they do and it is secretive. They called me back quickly and I went in for an interview. I was very nervous during the interview. I ended up speaking to the engineering team and then talked with the President of the company. It was intimidating, but I did my best and figured that it’s always good to get in some interview practice. On January 6th, 2016 only one day after the interview, I was offered the position!  

I had to tell my current job that I was leaving, which actually wasn’t that hard. I wrote a resignation letter, and was polite. I think everyone knew I had valid reasons for leaving, so they were very kind about it and wished me the best. My company let me leave that day. 

I had to provide a start date for my new job, so I decided to give myself one free week so that I could do some traveling. Reed was able to take off too, so we booked a quick trip and left the country! 

I had been reading a lot about Costa Rica. It was a destination I was thinking about trying to visit this spring for an anniversary trip. With the free week, we decided to go for it and I booked flights, a car, and a hotel right away. We had an incredible experience in Costa Rica! I will be posting all about it soon! 

So far I have only completed one week in my new position, but my stress level is low and I am confident in tasks I am performing. The company provides a quality work environment and great benefits. I can make my own hours provided I work 8 hours per day. It’s also only 9 miles from my house. I can’t believe that I am no longer dealing with a horrible commute! This company also is interested in higher education and will cover tuition costs! What a wonderful mindset/company outlook. My spirits have been lifted, and I know my future is strong. 

More on Costa Rica in my next post!